I'm new to Candle Making

New to candle making? Not sure where to start?

Natural Candle Supply provides all the equipment and supplies you need to make beautiful scented candles for your own enjoyment or for profit.

We carry several candle making kits. For starters, we highly recommend the Soy Wax Kit for beginners. This kit contains 6 medium size glass jars and 3 different fragrances along with wicks, and other accessories to make 6 beautiful scented candles. You may also like to purchase an aluminium melting/pouring pot to help with melting your wax. 

All of our kits include full step by step instructions in printed form. Top selling fragrances are also included in the kit - Coconut Lime, Very Vanilla and Sweet Lemongrass in 30ml size. 

You can also view our Soy Wax User Guide, Candle Wax Guide and Candle Fragrance Guide for tips and tricks on candle making.

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